“It is time for nations to pool together their expertise and get civil society to interact and celebrate their inseparable histories and shared heritage. We must recognize that with our long and inevitably porous national boundaries, it is not possible for one region or country to surge ahead leaving others...

Vision & Objectives

South Asia today is one of the least integrated regions in the world, in spite of their shared history, institutions, culture, language, forms of government and geography. What is required is a synergic relationship among the countries that has obvious economic, political and social advantages. The South Asian Association for...

Latest Updates

SAESM 2016


The 13th SAESM will be held in Delhi from 22 December, 2016 to 27 December, 2016 and will be hosted by Ramjas College, University of Delhi. The theme of the conference this year will be “Enhancing Prosperity in South Asia through Trade”. The conference will seek to engage with young...


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Organising Committee

Ayush Mehrotra, Chief Student Coordinator
Simran Lekhi, Head, Design
Zoya Khan, Head, Social Media
Bharath Kumar, Head, Session Facilities
Pranjal Seth; Namita Goel, Heads, Content
Vipul Singhal; Prashant Desai, Heads, Database and Basic Facilities
Swati K; Shivani Agarwal, Heads, Logistics

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